Coello Group Inc., is a Technology company that provides Cyber Security support and analytics to organizations around the USA. We been around over 20 years serving clients ranging from NY to California, technology is our business and lives.


We analyze your business needs, capture the desired future state, and set the strategy for your business successful.

Coello Group is a New York -based professional technical consulting firm specializing in Pentest, Security analytics, Red Team, Blue team, SharePoint, Database Modeling, and advanced web development. Using the latest technologies, coupled with a healthy dose of creativity and professionalism, we will work closely with you to identify your needs, wants, and provide a comprehensive, integrated solution to your organization needs.

Our Technical Solutions and design Principles are Based on

  • Security best practices
  • Visual Quality
  • Unique, Informative and Convincing Content
  • Search Engine Compatibility
  • Overall Professional Web Design style
  • And of course the RETURN ON INVESTMENT for your oanization

To learn more about how Coello Group can help your organization, contact us now.