Generic planning tasks (add specific actions task as needed) Completed Y/N
Identify minimum resource requirements  
Identify that critical supplies are in stocks, and get alternative vendors as a backup  
Contact critical vendors to their contingency plans in place.  
– Identify alternative material resources  
– Identify alternative human resources  
– Identify alternative service provider  
Identify alternative Internet providers cable, hot spot, satellite  
Identify all service providers and vendors: domain host, web site host, email provider, phone, video chat, advertisement.  
update all contracts and expiration dates  
Stop all unessential travel  
Always use more than 1 vendor, on a regular basis for critical services and materials  
Identify inter-dependencies between businesses, units, services and organizations, to ensure service delivery can be maintained  
Identify tasks that support business critical functions  
Identify all business-critical services and tasks that must continue during a disruptive event  
Determine potential impact if demand increases or decreases on your services and plan to adjust as need.  
Determine the potential impact of a disruptive event such as Coronavirus pandemic, on your business-related travel  
Staff Issues (add specific actions task as needed)   
Identify all key members of your business in critical roles  
Prepare a skills matrix to identify transferable skills to others member of staff  
Provide and maintain cross-training regularly  
Provide cyber security awareness training  
Document all critical operational and business processes  
Review IT’s Service level agreement for infrastructure, availability and responsibilities  
Staff Issues – remote work  
Identify which staff could operate from home  
Test all remote access to your business  
Update policies with HR on BYOD, Benefits, sick days, insurance, pay days  
Set clear expectations on weekly/daily deliverables, meeting and hours of operations  
Schedule virtual weekly/daily meetings to update status of projects  
Implement contact list for all staff that includes phone, email, addresses & social media  
Implement clear communication path via company website, phone, text, and social media pages.  
Coordinate with IT Services regarding Hardware, Software, email, security, training, laptop loaners and BYOD.  
Prepare Matrix of IT critical equipment requirement for daily task  
Document Management   
Coordinate with IT Services to set up cloud shared services access to key documents anytime and anywhere. SharePoint, Google cloud, AWS  
Ensure key documents are stored cloud shared services. Prepare list of key documents  
Add role base security to documents directories, enable version control  
Ensure key documents are regularly backup  
E-Mail Management  
Coordinate with IT Services to set up cloud base email for all users. (0365 or Gmail)  
Establish back up and spam polices for all emails  
Establish secure contact list on company web site, social media pages, IM  
Service planning tasks   
Identify services and processes that could be stopped or decreased during disruption  
Identify resources and staff that can be reallocated to switch between non-critical and critical task  
Business Continuity Plan