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Sharepoint Information & System Architecture Consulting

Coello Group ‘s consultants will first reviews the overall SharePoint 2013 information architecture (IA) requirements for your organization to comprehend the business and functional requirements that are driving the information architecture design and will then design to develop a scalable and highly performing system architecture required to meet its needs.

Coello Group’s approach will ensure the underlying system architecture is designed based on our team having a strong comprehension of your business while taking take into consideration the needs of the organization in terms of:

  • Understanding the expected number of SharePoint 2013 users at the initial go-live as well as any possible future estimates if expansion
  • Defining the estimated amount of content (sizing) that will be stored by individual departments, business units, and users?
  • Will there be any sizing issues regarding content that must be taken into consideration?
  • Analyze the performance requirements of these users based on the current infrastructure as well as locations
  • Analyze and understand the organization’s data center(s) to ensure a detailed required SLAs and organization’s disaster recovery model
  • Understanding the driving factors for the each phase as well as the immediate business requirements
  • Reviewing the organization’s Active Directory configurations and related security models

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