Protect your patients:

  • Develop a business continuity plan
  • Consult with vendors, suppliers on measures they are taking and on potential disruptions to supply chains
  • Stay up to date on the latest ways to handle patients with COVID-19.
  • Keep facility website and social media up to date
  • Implement clear communication plan between staff, patients and family members by using video chat, text, phone, web sites, social media and print.
  • Supply emergency contact information list to staff, patients and family members.
  • Identify and separate high-risk patients to minimize outbreaks.
  • Implement virtual communication between staff, patients and family members.
  • Create easy to follow printouts of emergency “How to Guides”.
  • Implement virtual activities: bingo, prayer groups, face to face chats, daily training to minimize the feeling of depression and isolation.
  • Implement virtual checkups via video or phone chat several times per day.
  • Identify patients who need physical assistance and allocate protected resources to them.
  • Implement food and supply delivery services to their doors
  • Identify and Minimize personnel from entering or leaving facilities.
  • Test everyone in your facility and keep strong records.
  • Implement cyber security awareness training to prevent scams
  • Adjusting hours of operation to include video, phone triage and FAQs.
  • Identify telemedicine technologies and self-assessment tools
Steps Senior Facilities Can Take to protect their patients and staff from Coronavirus.