Website Design

measuremnt success ad agency new yorkA website can be an amazing tool that gives your business the extra edge with endless amount of possibilities.  It can significantly improve your efficiency, help reach customers literally across the globe, and even create additional avenues of revenue and business. We refresh and design regular internet websites for our clients using the latest technologies and coding standards. This ensures better quality of information retrieval and display.

Problem: HOWEVER just having a website won’t necessarily provide any benefit to you!  In fact, a poorly designed, outdated website can not only waste your time and money, but provide an ineffective and potentially negative impression upon your business.  More often than not, business owners have websites that really don’t serve their ideal purpose!

Solution: At CG we believe a website is a direct reflection of your business and one very important component of your overall business identity.  In fact, many times your website will be a potential client’s first impression of you.  This is why we strive to produce high quality products, both visually appealing to grab the attention of your viewers and user-friendly, to ensure viewers find the relevant and informative content they are searching for about your company with ease and simplicity.

CG STUDIOS – Your unique 1 Stop Marketing spot

Custom:  CG Studios’ websites are built custom from the ground up, with attention paid to the finest detail.   We are not limited to the box, because we are building it!  Only after we first take the time to understand your business and your unique goals and objectives do we then begin to create a layout and design tailored specifically for the character, design and nature of your business, always taking into consideration your personal preferences and business purposes.

Banners & animated Images:

Need a banners or animated flash design to advertise your business? We can create static or animated ads for you.

Practical & Superior: Just like a gourmet meal, we use the finest and freshest “ingredients”, keeping up to date with the upcoming web development software and techniques to ensure you are obtaining quality design and service to provide your business with the competitive advantage you need.  Not only do we do the Web Design, but we also are equipped with high-end camera and video equipment to add the special and unique aspects of your business with crystal clear video and pictures that add that special-interactive effects that help get your message across and keep your viewers attention.  All work is done in-house which not only provides you with a one stop shop, but provides you with a superior product while providing you extremely competitive pricing.

Why you should be online

Saving you the data of statistical research studies, the web has grown leaps and bounds in just a relatively small amount of time and continues in its prevalence.  The products and services which once were only discovered by word of mouth, personal experiences and through the “phone book”, are now being discovered more and more commonly through the internet.  Now not only practically every businessperson but the teenagers next door have internet not only on their home computer, but laptop, ipad, and/or mobile phone… is just keeps expanding!

  • Purpose: There are many reasons for a business, and many times for individuals, to have a website:
  • Advertise:  Your website provides you with virtually an unlimited amount of space to inform viewers of your company’s details, including displaying Full Color Photos, Video, and Text.  (How much does it cost to advertise 8 full colors pages in a local magazine?)
  • Promote Awareness:  People searching for your industry may not know of your existence prior to searching and finding your website, that is if you have one.  If you do not, you leave the business to your competitors who do have a website and are found through internet search engines as opposed to traditional means, phone books, etc.
  • Means of Communication:  For more than a number of reasons, email is an extremely popular communication tool, not only on our computers and laptops, also, blackberry, ipads, more.
  • Conduct Business:  Have you or someone you know ever purchased something through the internet before?  Online sales are increasing, and you can be a part of it! Don’t think you have anything to sell that ships? How about a gift card!