Insider threats are threats posed by people from within your organization, such as current or former employees, contractors or partners. Such individuals have the potential to misuse or disclose sensitive information.

Insider threats can be either malicious or negligent in nature

Malicious insider threats result from rogue employees or contractors leaking or misusing confidential data for personal gain, damage or disrupt daily operations.

Negligent insider threats result from unintentional employee errors, such as users falling victim to phishing attacks or sharing data on insecure devices.

Mitigate insider threats risk

  • Conduct regular risk assessments
  • manage employees and contractor privileges
  • Implement personal device management policy
  • Provide consistent security awareness training
  • Perform pentest to identify security vulnerabilities
  • simulated phishing assessment
  • Implement monitoring system to detect abnormal behavior
What are cybersecurity insider threats