A penetration test, (pentest), is an authorized simulated cyberattack, designed to evaluate the vulnerabilities, flaws and gaps of your organization’s security.

Small businesses and healthcare providers are prime targets for cyber-attacks due to the the lack of resources, knowledge and time. A pentest report will provide details of how-to mange those vulnerabilities, flaws and gaps in your business before hackers do.

Most popular pentest

  • Network Service Test: aims to discover vulnerabilities and gaps in your network infrastructure
  • Web Application Test: aims at web applications, browsers, and components
  • Client-Side Test: pinpoints security threats like vulnerable software in your pc.
  • Wireless Network Test: aims to analyze wireless devices in your organization
  • Social Engineering Test: tries to manipulate users or employees to compromise confidential data
  • Mobile App Test: analyzes security inside your mobile device.
What is a Pentest and how can it help my business