school’s shutting down across the country, makes an ideal scenario for online predators. parents need to be concern about the safety of their children. To keep your children safe introduce house rules while they go online.

House rules while going online

  • Add child safety/monitoring software
  • Always monitor your children’s web content
  • Don’t post/share personal information name, address, phone, email
  • Don’t meet anyone in person that you’ve met online
  • Don’t post your videos or pictures online.
  • don’t respond to uncomfortable situations and Tell parents right away.
  • Don’t visit questionable websites
  • Protect your email account
  • Don’t send sensitive information via text or email
  • Don’t share sensitive information passwords
  • Don’t click or tap on links from untrusted sources
  • Set social media accounts to private
  • follow rules when going online or using mobile devices.
  • Don’t click or tap on links from untrusted sources
  • don’t check downloading or installing software.
  • don’t bully other people.
Cyber Security Safety Tips for parent and Homeschoolers