Phone scams (social engineering attacks) often prey on people’s generosity or fear. 1 in 6 Americans have lost money to a phone scam yearly, according to the U.S. Spam and Scam Report from “Truecaller”.

Hackers have perfected their game by spoofing your caller ID. You know it’s a scam when the attacker demands payments via gift cards, wire transfers or Request your personal or business data such as Social Security number, birth-dates and passwords.

Here are top 10 phone scams.

  1. Threatening calls from the IRS.
  2. Technical support calls.
  3. Fake charity appeals.
  4. Ticket or Lottery scams.
  5. Family members in peril.
  6. Bank fraud calls.
  7. Census Related Fraud
  8. Website password requests.
  9. Fake customer requests.
  10. Insurance and healthcare debt collectors.

Minimize attacks

• Don’t give your information to anyone
• Ask attacker them for call back number
• Don’t download anything hackers send to you

Top 10 Phone Scams you need to Look Out For